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We are committed to being a one-stop-shop for all your signage and print needs. The list below scrapes the surface of what we are capable of at West End Offset. With our new shop location, we have expanded our equipment and trained our staff on unique printing process such as letterpress so that we can offer a full range of services.

Vinyl Print & Cut

One of our most common products, SMF Vinyls represent some of the best graphic films available worldwide. The usage range of SMF is incredible: from large signs and vehicle wraps to small stickers, we have used them for all sorts of projects.

CNC cutting

To make dimensional signs, we can cut from a range of products and thicknesses to build interesting and multi-layered signage. Our full-service approach means we can do all the painting and assembly these signs might require as well.

Etched signs

For smaller signs and nameplates, we use the high-quality and diverse sheets of Rowmark materials. Etching your type or vector artwork into the material reveals a coloured core and offers a stunning texture to your work. 


We can create realistic prop packaging - everything from product labels, carboard packaging and chip bags to wine labels with fine metallic foil details. We can also print on heat-shrink vinyl for custom labels on curved surfaces.

Direct to substrate

With our Flatbed printer, we can print directly onto substrates like Styrene, Sign Metal or coated Plywood - so there is no need to print onto vinyl and mount. 


With white ink, we can print directly onto any colour of substrate. 


From printing and building booklets, to heat shrink-wrapping small bottles and cans - we've got you covered. Call us with your project details and we will make it happen for you. 

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