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To ensure we have everything we need and to complete your project on time please read over these guidelines provided to help you get the highest quality results without incurring additional costs or unnecessary delays. Careful adherence to these guidelines will ensure complete success.

File Preparation

Submitted files should be professionally created at full size or at scale in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or PDF and saved as native files (.psd .ai, or .cdr extensions, respectively).


Any document containing text should have all text elements converted to outlines, or paths; doing so will avoid font conflicts–a major source of delay for many jobs. Remember to save a copy for yourself without converted text just in case last-minute edits are necessary.


Imported art elements should be embedded. If linked, remember to update links and supply them along with the file to be output.


Please include colour reference or pantone colour where possible.


Any artwork or imagery that extends to the edges of the finished piece will require bleed. Crop or trim marks should indicate the finished size of the piece.


Image Resolution is determined by the final use and viewing distance of the product. A billboard to be viewed from 100 feet away needs much less resolution than a pop display that will be viewed from a couple of feet away. A “general” rule is to have a minimum of 150 dpi at final output size (full scale). Of course, the more resolution you have the better your final output will look. Contact us if you have image resolution questions.


Please provide us with information about how long the graphic will be displayed, in what environmental conditions, and from what viewing distance. Also provide information on how the graphic will be stored, handled, and/or reused in the future. Not all pantone colors can be reproduced accurately. Colour proofs are recommended for corporate colours & some pantone colours. Colours that are designed to match a pantone colour should be specified in the file as that pantone colour and set to spot.

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